Aisha Badru

Aisha Badru’s flagship single “Bridges” is not only a poignant take on contemporary love, but a testament to her wisdom as a songwriter. Just as the song acknowledges the seemingly endless obstacles to even the most fiery romantic relationships, it signals tried and true experience from the writer and authentic wisdom about the challenges of monogamy in 2018. The production on “Bridges” is noticeably minimal, following a similar sonic vein as earlier works like “Mind on Fire” and “Waiting Around”.

Electronic percussion is subdued under a string section that glides easily along with Badru’s quivering romantic promises. Just as she swears to “stick through it” with a partner, so the song confidently marches forward, faithful in its own simple romantic resolve. This simplicity is the most promising part about Badru’s music as a whole. Her songs demonstrate an ability to cast seemingly tired emotional concepts in a new and refreshing light. Her traditional pop influences serve as catalysts for innovation and tweaked traditional ideas that push the conceptual envelope.

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