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By February 1, 2018OTHER FEATURES

“2 Years”
Alcoholism and depression have been codependent forces in my young life, this touches on that and catharsis of wallowing in one’s own bullshit.

“Places to Wait”
The only song on the album actually written about my friend Sol Samuel passing away. Shock that overrides your ability to see or make sense of anything besides the present tense.

“Get it Right”
Picking up that GOT-DAMN slack

“Song 4”
The classic, “guy writes a song about late capitalism and the futility of our shitty, dumb, animal ability to manage the commodification of the soul with meaningful existence”

Being bad ain’t so bad” -ACDC

“Instructional Video”
Why the fuck do I make art? So much art exists or is it just all content, where do I fit in?

Solve / Resolve”
What is left behind when you leave everyone you love?

Being in a rock band is cool, look at me.

“Tethered by the logic of Homosapien, can’t take my eyes from the salvation of bullshit faith” -David Bowie. Nothing new under the sun.

Solve / Resolve by Juan de Fuca is out now via Arrowhawk records

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