Album Stream // “Late Bloomer” By wetter USA

          Photo Credit: Kaytee Callahan

     Although goodbyes can be bittersweet, the band wetter USA is going out on a high note with the release of their new and final record Late Bloomer via Forged Artifacts.

This dreamy and resonating record holds a welcomed vulnerability and a level of melancholy that is elevated by the bright, rolling arrangements. Lead singer and songwriter Melissa Jones wanted the record to strike a chord with people with the balance of honest reflection, but upbeat, fun production.

Jones said “I just hope that people will relate to the songs, and appreciate the sincerity of my lyrics, while picking up on the playfulness that I think runs throughout the whole EP, in somewhat subtle ways. I like to indulge in mopey-ness, but not give the whole song over to it.”

The seven-track effort doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to some genuine songwriting and you can hear the heart instilled into the album. In songs such as “The Big Disappointment” and “Stray Dog”, Jones explored the drag that sometimes life can be and the search to make things how you expect them to be. Then In the pair of singles “Truth Song” and “Bug on The Wall”, there lies raw honesty and self-reflection that pushes you to think about how to confront your own truths.

Late Bloom is infused with a certain attitude throughout, which Jones said came from partly the influence of Liz Phair and her song structures, along with snarky lyrics and then Rilo Kiley’s “Portions for Foxes” was big for the band as well. Wetter will be certainly missed, but their new album is an excellent parting gift.

Listen to Late Bloomer below and don’t miss the release show on 7/28 at First Entry & 7th Avenue with bands Felted, Lazear and Inside Voices in Minneapolis.

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