Album Stream // “Younger” By Blue Wilson

By November 1, 2018OTHER FEATURES


      Los Angeles musician Michael Stevenson has shared the first release entitled Younger from his new solo project called Blue Wilson and while the EP isn’t officially released until Friday via Forged Artifacts, we are excited to share it with you. This new project’s sound isn’t far off from Stevenson’s other band Small Forward but strikes with its own individual personality.

It’s the type of music that you’d want playing in the background of a montage as you look out the window or reminiscence of a different time. Younger recounts those nostalgic moments that we aim to occasionally forget but find impossible to erase. It jumps off with “Big Rock”, which illuminates the slow break down of a relationship as one of them realizes that the future might not include them as a couple and drifting apart is a reality. The song coasts along with a certain melancholy that holds a welcoming spirit and takes you to a place of pleasant retrospection.

Stevenson explores the past in a way that is resonating and replicates those feelings of searching for something special and unique. In his following tracks “Golden Eyes” and “Emily Waters”, he unpacks intimidation and confidence that resides in being young.

Next up, “Away From Me” explores how impactful those around you can be and holds a spunky, honest attitude. The rollercoaster pace reflects the need for others and times where being alone isn’t the worse thing.

The last two tracks sum up the experience of getting older fully and the enduring ebb and flow of becoming a real adult. “Party” perfectly captures what the setting of a party is actually about – finding someone who values a connection in a crowded space. The last song “Growing” is a narrative as old as time, trying to navigate the various obstacles and perspective shifts that are ingrained in the process of getting a handle on life, but one that hits home every time.

Take a full listen to Blue Wilson below and you can pre-order the record here


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