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By March 5, 2018INTERVIEW


With the amount of music that’s out there at the moment, it can be overwhelming and at times jading. Then occasionally, you come across a band that really catches your ear and you keep returning to, in this case that band is called Arlie. The Nashville-based outfit released their singles “Big Fat Mouth” and “Didya Think” this past year, which provide a transparent picture concerning what the forthcoming EP will be like.  Their youthful energy and experience is in infused into their music, but there is no lack of craftsmanship.

Lead singer Nate Banks spoke about the band’s beginning, their diverse backgrounds and what’s coming up for them in the coming months.

Arlie hasn’t been around for that long, so were each of you guys in projects prior to this and did those bands have a similar sound? 

Nate Banks: Yeah, so all of us have been in projects prior to this, although none of them have had a very similar sound to Arlie. But I’ve been making the music that became Arlie since spring 2015, and then we got the band together in fall 2016. Before that, Carson and Jason were in a couple other Vanderbilt bands, Tyler was playing jazz drums and in experimental diy groups in Denton, TX, Adam was producing EDM under the moniker Captain Munch and also drumming in rock groups, and I was writing and producing as a solo project.

So, the band has a pretty diverse background. I was kind of surprised to learn you guys are from Nashville because a lot of the music that comes out of there is more folk, psychedelic or southern rock-oriented, whereas you are more in the indie or alternative pop realm. Did you find yourselves always leaning toward or having an interest in that type of music?

Nate: Well, none of us are originally from Nashville, but we all came here for college and that’s how we met! But I’d say all of us are into a pretty wide variety of music – obviously there’s good and bad in every genre. Jason free up playing Ghanaian music and then got into rap in high school and then finally rock music in college. Carson has always listened to everything but was particularly into punk and hip hop. Adam’s always loved classic rock and is also deep into the electronic music world. Tyler comes from a serious jazz background.

As for myself, I don’t know what indie or alternative mean any more, but at least at some point in the past few years, “indie” represented a loose set of aesthetic preferences, along with a sort of anti-establishment attitude, both of which I naturally gravitated towards. Lately I’ve gotten kinda tired of the word “indie” because it seems to have lost its significance. All I know is that I’ve always been into catchy melodies, groovy beats, and bands and songwriters who aren’t afraid to be honest and raw and weird and countercultural.

 Yeah, I get what you mean. From the two singles you have released, was one track more difficult to write or produce compared to the other? 

Nate: “Big Fat Mouth” was a lot more difficult. I spent way more time editing and layering and re-recording and re-editing and remixing and tweaking that track than I’ve ever spent on anything. I’ve listened to that song more than anyone should ever listen to anything! But I’d say it was worth it.

For sure, It’s a great track! When can people expect to hear more music from you, whether that’s an EP or full-length LP? 

Nate: New track comes out Tuesday! And the plan is to put out an EP this summer. We’ve got lots more songs, just trying to make sure the recordings are ready. But in the meantime, you can come see us play live if you wanna hear more!

Is there anything you hope in particular resonates with people, when they listen to your tracks?

Nate: I just hope people listen to these tracks while they’re walking around with headphones and feel excited to be alive

You guys have some cool dates lined up this month and eventual festival dates, is there any show you’re really looking forward to? 

Nate: Bonnaroo. Also, can’t wait to meet Rostam when we open for him. I’ve been fan of basically everything he’s ever made.

What bands have you guys been listening to lately?  

Nate: Mild High Club is cool. TV Girl is good vibes. Also, been finally digging into Prince – been meaning to for a long time. And Big Thief’s latest record is amazing. Also, we’re all fans of Mitski. And been jamming to some MF Doom. And lots more….

Arlie Upcoming Tour Dates:

3/5 – Johnny Brenda’s – Philadelphia
3/7 – Elsewhere (Zone One) – Brooklyn
3/9 – MOTR Pub – Cincinnati
3/10 – Chicago – Schubas
3/11 – White Rabbit Cabaret – Indianapolis
3/12 – Zanazbar – Louisville

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