Artist Spotlight // Dizzy


Photo Credit: Leeor Wild

     There must be something in the water in suburban Canada. Whether it’s the odd paradox of a massive space feeling so small or the endless list of Canadian musical influences to draw from, a special form of musical magic exists up north.  Enter Dizzy, the next in a long lineage of Canadian bands to deliver sonic gems that are one part ethereal and one part enchanting. 

Along with lead singer Katie Munshaw, the outfit is rounded out by brothers, Charlie, Alex, and Mackenzie Spencer. From the band’s current collection of songs, it’s almost as if they’re well-studied in the streams of Slowdive and Lorde equally, drawing from indie-pop and shoegaze elements throughout their work.

The band’s collection of released material reflects the suburban imagery, both through the single cover artwork and in the songs themselves. While suburbia can be sprawling, yet boredom-inducing for some, the lyricism crafts an intimate reflection on coming-of-age experiences growing up in the Ontario suburb of Oshawa. Friendship, relationships, heartache, and change permeate the band’s lyrics.

On the recent single “Joshua,” the band wistfully blends dreamy, pop arrangments with Munshaw’s distinctive, smooth vocals as she recaps the feelings from the end of a relationship. 

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