Artist Spotlight // Navy Gangs

Navy GangsPhoto Credit: @nazarcissist

Alternative-rock outfit Navy Gangs formed in Omaha, Nebraska in the early 2010’s while its members were still in high school. Comprised of Matthew Tillwick, Noah Kohll, Wilson Keithline and Gavin Cordaro, the band packed up shop and purchased a one way bus ticket to New York to get out of Nebraska.

The band’s debut was recorded after settling in Brooklyn. The self-titled EP acted as a fuzzed-out introduction to the band for many. Tracks like “Special Glands” and “That Party Sucked” evoke feelings of 90’s Northwest Grunge thanks to the heavy guitars and masked vocals. The band mixes youthful stress with social lethargy on “That Party Sucked,” a funny yet all-too-realistic recollection of a Friday night party filled with unfamiliar faces.

Clocking in at just under 10 minutes, the 4-track EP displays the different areas of Navy Gangs influences. The EP was originally released and recorded in 2016 with the help of New York friend Delicate Steve.  

Elsewhere on the EP, “Mondays” feels like a poppy non sequitur on an album of otherwise rocking songs. Latest single “Housekeeping” continues on this poppy trend, making “Mondays” seem like a foreshadow of the band’s debut full length, titled Poach. The debut is set to release in August, following the band’s month-long U.S. tour in June.

Since 2016, Navy Gangs have been hustling hard, touring the country and performing live shows whenever possible. Recently the band performed alongside Current Joys for a weekend in Philadelphia and and New York City, played a variety of New York gigs throughout the city, and announced their summer headlining tour, slated for the entire month of June.

Take a listen to the band’s recently released single “Housekeeping” and be on the lookout for their forthcoming album Poach out on 8/4 via Modern Sky.

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