Artist Spotlight // Yours Are The Only Ears

                                                                                                                Photo Credit: Allyssa Yohana

       Yours Are the Only Ears is the intimate name of the musical endeavor by Susannah Cutler, which is rightly gaining attention for the beautiful, songwriting and honest, resonating vulnerability. Her musical beginnings began as a lot of artists tend to, as something that makes them the only witness and just as a creative release. Cutler said, “I started writing songs in high school when I had a close friend who was playing shows and encouraging.”

Her first, comprehensive effort was birthed into the world this past May in the form of the Knock Hard EP, which confronts some darker, internal trials such as loneliness, self-value, and the numbing state that washes over all of us at one time or another. The album is that soundtrack that you always struggle to find for when you are lying on your back in bed and wondering what’s next in the world. It’s that whispering, soft voice that holds residence in your mind and gradually becomes a companion as you close your eyes.

When it came to releasing the material itself, Cutler felt it was something that needed to be out in the world, stating “It was hard to revisit some of the older songs, but it felt important too, like closing a chapter. I still needed them to be heard even if they weren’t completely relevant to my life anymore. It felt like I couldn’t move on from them unless they were set free.”

Her melodic, delicate vocals and rolling, pacing arrangements soak into your ears as she sings lyrics like “Wallow in self-pity and guilty/ But does it/ Make a difference if anyone forgives me?” from her track “low.” The EP illuminates the struggles that many people deal with, but often never air to others. Cutler said, “I would hope someone could feel comforted and safe in their own emotions mirrored in mine.” Well, that goal is achieved through the raw transparency and relatable perspective that act as a sonic comfort as many songs can become and allow you to feel a little more understood.

Take a listen to Knock Hard below and follow Yours Are the Only Ears here


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