Behind The Track // “Casablanca” by The Dune Flowers

By April 24, 2018OTHER FEATURES

Baltimore outfit The Dune Flowers are gearing up to release their upcoming record Lookin’ Fine on May 18th but released their infectious first single “Casablanca” earlier this month. Band member Tyler Drager gave us some insight behind the track and what inspired its shoegaze, nostalgic feel.

Drager said “The single I think is our most experimental song. The song was much different when Oscar had first written it. I heard something in the first three chords and that’s what stuck. So for this song we switched roles, I played rhythm and Oscar Lead. It had been a filler song in our set until we started recording. In my basement is where we came up with the spy riff that gave the song what it was missing. For the album, we describe the sound as jangly foot-tappin’ diddles but, It’s just Rock n’ Roll to us”

Songs that influenced us

James Bond Theme Song:
James Bond is badass. The melody in the theme song is super catchy and so we thought it would be neat to use as inspiration.

A Curious Man by Cut Worms:
We saw him live opening up for a band about a year ago and loved his dark melancholy songwriting accompanied with nostalgic accents.

Fish on the Sand by Allah Las:
The song has a strong and simple lead which we enjoy. Also they didn’t just cover a song, they made it sound like the Allah Las!

The band is having their record release show on 5/18 with Makeup Girl and The Slim Jimmies at Songbyrd in DC. You can follow The Dune Flowers here

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