Blush, the bedroom demo project turned late 20s self-discovery album, is the kind of debut record that defies the typical indie artist’s story arch. After eight post-college years toiling away in NYC’s popular indie rock outfit Darlings, and calling it quits in 2015, Maura Lynch decided to dig up a set of home-recorded demos from her computer that hadn’t yet seen the light of day. The result is a heart-heavy collection of songs about onset adulthood. From the complexities of love to the stagnation of the office job, Blush is a brilliantly honest take on the life of an artist in our time.

The production is a veteran rendering of the Darlings days, with subtle atmospheric overtones and lush percussion to uphold the more youthful, fuzzy guitar textures. This contrast gives the songs a quality of incomplete maturity and a minutely rebellious neverland tone. What comes after the quarter life crisis and the beer soaked anthems? There’s an ineffable beauty to the feeling of recently passed golden days, to the ever receding horizon of adulthood. Blush captures it like no other.

Listen to the self-entitled EP here:

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