Bonny Doon are like refreshing wave that washes over you, after you listen to their music for the first time. The Detroit-based band made up of singers and lead guitarists Bill Lennox, Bobby Colombo, bassist Josh Brooks and drummer Jake Kmiecik, just released their self-entitled debut album this past month. The band’s first album has a relaxing and comforting feeling to it and holds a welcoming depth that all debut albums should have. The melancholy, nostalgic and introspective elements of this album allow it to really resonate with you and transport you to another place. The band doesn’t particularly fit into a specific genre because you can find characteristics from various origins, which is how it should be. Bonny Doon made a great introduction with this first album and truly describe the nature of being a spectator of your own life, while trying to define your own purpose. While this narrative is common among music, Bonny Doon add something special to it.

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