Brad Timko Sound Engineer Interview

By September 20, 2016FEATURED, INTERVIEW

SB:  So how’d you get into sound engineering and producing records?

BT: “Well, I used to play in some bands and I thought it was cool, the whole recording process. I first started using my tape machine to record people, like the bands I was in and my friends’ bands. I always thought the mixture of music and technology was cool.”

SB:  What’s your favorite part about the recording process?


BT: “um, the recording of the drums because it’s such a fun part”

SB: What has been your favorite musician or group that you have worked with so far, and who is your dream musician or group to produce a record with?


BT: “For favorite, I would have to say probably Taylor Hollingsworth because he never fails to impress me. He’s such an original, cool and authentic musician.

Then I don’t know if I have a dream artist to work with since most of the stuff I listen to is older, I would want to work with an awesome heavy metal band, on specifically a tape machine”

SB: Do think all the technology now really helps or hinders the making of a great album?


BT: “I think it helps, absolutely! we are hearing so much more music and it’s like a whole new realm, it does have it’s drawbacks- but I feel like its an overall good thing. The new technology has helped create music that was previously, almost impossible to make.”

SB: What’s one of the most important things as a sound engineer you try to always do when helping a group or artist record?


BT: “I always try to keep the session moving smoothly and keep the vibe positive.”

SB: What are some of your go to albums at the moment?

BT: “At the moment, the cds in my truck. One of which is Shadow Songs from Preston Lovinggood, which is awesome. On the other end of the spectrum, I have a Pantera album from 1994 that’s called “Far Beyond Driven”, which is really great too. I listen to more songs these days, but I used to listen to lots and lots of albums all the way through. Some of my favorites now I guess include “Future Generations” by Laserdance and “Melancholy” by Smashing Pumpkins.”

SB: Is there anything you wish people would understand about the recording process or misconceptions people have about it?

BT: “I feel people would appreciate music more if they really saw all the time and energy that goes into making it. “

SB: What advice would you give to people who are interested in sound engineering and recording music?

BT:  “I would say make sure you have a good technical mindset and have that technical ability- specifically for sound engineering. You have to have the right balance of objective, technical mindset and then the right amount of the creativity.”

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