Dark Tea is a Brooklyn- based band and whose sound falls within the darker side of folk and they draw you in with their interesting sound. The band just released a self-entitled LP on March 1st and consists of six thoughtful tracks. The LP has a grooving, insightful feeling as you journey through each track and the LP focuses on the passage of time, along with the significance of those around you. The whole record is enjoyable, but the standout tracks are “Providence Sky”, which features Singer-Songwriter Alexandra Savior, because the harmonious vocal stylings and “Next of Kin”, which contains a stirring drum beat, along with exploring loss. Although a majority of the tracks are on the shorter side besides “Next of Kin” and “When I Lost My Nerve on the Barge”, Dark Tea maximizes the short durations and delivers a well-crafted message to the listener. The band creates a type of ambiance through their self-entitled LP and acts a companion to the listener. The band’s ability to create tracks that are simple, yet powerful with its smooth guitar progressions and song structure make you feel like you’re in another place.


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