Della Ray

Della Ray’s Blue World is a forward-thinking country/folk-rock prototype that’s refreshing to hear come out of Alabama. Recorded with the help of the masterminds behind John Paul White and Will Trapp’s Single Lock Records, it proves a lush, immersive picture of two independent southern musicians’ artistic journey. The collection of songs that emerges as Della Ray’s debut effort originates from a brief moment in time following Natalie Jensen and Adam Morrow’s marriage. Reorienting their creative processes after exiting other bands, they entered Single Lock Studios to cut seven of the nine songs on the record with a cast of familiar musicians and engineers. The result is 32 minutes of dreamy acoustic numbers, complete with slide guitars, multi-layered synth washes, expertly gentle percussion, and intimate vocal harmonies. The sonic scape is both beautiful and melancholic. It shares the same emotional space as artists like Sufjan Stevens or Phosphorescent.

Sonically, Blue World is a victory in its own right, but there’s something about the unlikely beginnings of an indie project such as this one from the deep south that signifies a sea change in the way local music scenes are developing. Blue World proves that the amplification of one voice empowers a hundred others. Single Lock is the merging point for a whole community of talent that just needed a nudge in the right direction, a foundation to stand on, a mic. Della Ray is the creative result of many hands. It’s the avatar sound of a whole community of people living and breathing music together.

Watch Della Ray’s Music Video for “Out of My Head” here:

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