Elroy Love are one of those bands that sound like they come another era with their lead singer’s soulful vocals and the whole band’s endearing, quirky stage presence. The group is from Murfreesboro, Tennessee and formed in the summer of 2015. It consists of members Lead Singer and Guitarist; Thomas Young, Bassist and Vocals; Michael Suhr and drummer John Ewing, who play off one another well on stage. Their sound is a mix of alt-pop, country, folk and some psychedelic elements thrown in that all meld together so well. Elroy Love released a debut album called “Glitch Cowboy” released in April of this year and was produced in Atlanta.

The record has a swooning, guitar-driven, nostalgic sound and is comprised of seven well-crafted tracks. The album takes you on a alt-pop, psych, soulful ride and at the end, you just want to hear it all over again. Elroy Love’s music feels really timeless and there is no wrong time or place like now.

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