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Photo Credit // Fauvely

Chicago outfit Fauvely recently hit the road for a short tour and gave us a rundown about what happened! Read on as the band detailed some of their favorite moments.


On April 18, we set off from Chicago to Savannah and back to promote our brand new single, What the Living Do. This was our first Fauvely tour, and it was the first time Chace played with us, though he also engineered our EP that comes out next month! We met some great people, ate delicious food, heard great music, and laughed our faces off. Here are some highlights:



Dale: As we set off on tour, we hit a lot of rain. This shot was taken outside of Lexington as the clouds were parting and the weather cleared up.


Chace: Night one at Al’s Bar in Lexington, KY. A small but very enthusiastic crowd of locals greeted us. It’ll always hold a place in my heart as the first show I played with Fauvely.


ATHENS, GA 4/19 

Sophie: The drive to Athens was beautiful. We stopped at the Waffle House. It was a quality meal. Much better than Shoney’s (sorry Dave).



Dave: The ghost tour bus that nearly killed Chace from extreme laughter, and made him one of the attractions. BOOOO Y’ALLL.


Chace: Playing at El Rocko in Savannah. It was my first time in the city and it became an instant favorite for me – equal parts haunting and heartbreakingly beautiful. It was a special evening because it was the night I felt myself really beginning to click with the band. Every song felt effortless.


Sophie: Showing the band Skidaway Island, where I grew up, was such a treat. We went on a nature walk and saw all kinds of wildlife, including a barred owl, fiddler crabs, wild hogs, turtles, and later that night, on the way back from the show, this beautiful deer in headlights.



Sophie: A little hard to see, but this is us after the show in Nashville, huddled around Dale’s iPad in the Airbnb watching Game of Thrones.



Dale: Outside of Mag Bar in Louisville. It was the last night of the tour, but honestly, the smiling, laughing and goofing around could have happened at any point.


Dave: Every night was a ride, but this one, in particular, felt amazing from beginning to end. I have the best seat in the house with the finest group of people I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with.


Sophie: After the last show, we went back to Mickey and Ashley’s ( from The Captain The Ship). Mickey suggested that I pick up this skeleton and I started laughing so hard, it took a few minutes to compose myself for the picture. We laughed hysterically on this whole tour. We love each other a lot.


You can keep up with Fauvely here and take a listen to their recently released track “What the Living Do” out via Diversion Records.



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