Favorite Monthly Releases // April 2018

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Cut Worms’ “Cash For Gold” was the third song that singer Max Clarke released off of his new LP Hollow Ground, which came out on May 4th via Jagjaguwar. The track was the follow up to “Don’t Want To Say Good-bye” and “Til Tomorrow Goes Away” and holds a charging, hazy backdrop with a swelling chorus that propels forward. The sun-drenched tune offers up another dose of infectious guitar chords, Clarke’s smooth, rhythmic vocals and a dash of feel-good nostalgia.

The new record rolls in following Clarke’s strong introduction that was his EP Alien Sunset, which was released this past year.

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Next up is Wand’s recent release and the title track “Perfume”, which ventures off the band’s new EP coming out on May 25th via Drag City Records. The song has a similar speed to that of  “White Cat” from the Los Angeles’ outfit’s last release Plum and possesses a similar kind of a stirring energy to the other released tracks “The Gift” or “Pure Romance”. “Perfume” provides a dizzying, whimsical ride and is beautifully chaotic, it’s a psychedelic song that energizes you and holds a lot of rousing spirit. Wand’s ability to craft intricate, melodic, driving tracks never fail to disappoint the ears.

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Dave Benton is a man of many musical projects, most know him from his band other band LVL UP, but he also creates music under the moniker Trace Mountains.  “A Partner To Lean On” is the title track off the LP that reasserts the idea that it really is nice to have somebody to show up for and support you. The song kicks things off with an energized drumming introduction before it melts into a feel-good arrangement that sounds similar to the music of Olden Yolk, Hovvdy or Free Cake For Every Creature. It holds a cool, casual undertone and a head-bopping type of rhythmic energy. Benton’s effort relays the importance of reliability and presence with lyrics of “There is always something to talk about / Or around water flowing down / O my Lord, are you in need of a partner to lean on?”

The whole record is excellent and one to take for a spin, along with some real retrospection. The “A Partner To Lean On” LP is out via Figure 2 RC.

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British trio Our Girl’s recent single “I Really Like It” is the insightful, heartfelt younger sibling to the band’s previous, self-titled single. The song offers an intimate perspective about the absorbing process that all living beings endure: falling in love. Lead singer Soph Nathan’s voice is illuminating and her strong, melodic vocals bounce against the charming, rolling arrangement. The band’s ability to create atmospheric, infectious energy fills your ears with every listen.

Nathan translates the welcoming, nervous feelings that accompany a new crush into a sweet, resonating tune with both on-the-nose songwriting and swelling, dynamic production.

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Dr. Dog’s third single “Buzzing In The Light” is another prime example of how the band continuously knows how to craft a true feel-good, relaxed song, but one that doesn’t lack substance. The minimalism that is presented is a refreshing element and transports you to a mellow space. The message of just sailing along in a sea of unknown is something that becomes increasingly appealing through each listen. The distinct hallmarks of grooving keys, soft guitar, and percussion gently glide along with Lead Singer Toby Leaman’s comforting, powerful vocals.

Listen in full to the whole, amazing album Critical Equation now.

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Los Angeles-based trio DYAN have provided a richly textured gem of a song in their new single called “Cycling Trivialities”. The song tackles the idea of relevance and in a sense, anxiety concerning the various trials and tribulations that an individual may come across. It asks the question “Is this actually significant or a minor concern?” The simple synth-layered, electronic landscape makes you feel as if you are floating in space or in a sparse field, there lies an underlying sense of loneliness.

Lead Singer Alexis Marsh’s light, dynamic voice paints the space around you, but the overall listening experience is calming, haunting and positively insightful all at the same time.

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Nandi Rose Plunkett, also known as Half Waif, created an incredible record called Lavender that is probably one of the albums that we have played on repeat every day since it’s release, but we have a love especially for her single “Keep It Out.” The third track off the album embodies the tricky process of letting others in, while still trying to maintain a sense of independence and protection. The riveting, electropop landscape that intertwines with Plunkett’s transfixing, emotional vocals is a magical mix that is even more electrifying live.

It’s as if she created a sonic version of a glass castle, something that would be beautiful and carefully crafted, but is very vulnerable. It’s protected and you can see various elements, but destined to break if too much pressure is applied. The song holds a level of isolation, transparency and raw emotion that really sum up the challenges of intimacy that we all face.

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If you haven’t heard of  BOYTOY, it’s time to get familiar. The Brooklyn- based band just released an excellent record called Night Leaf. While we thoroughly enjoy listening to the whole album, the closing track “Cold Love” was one of the standouts for us. The song is a psychedelic-rock ringer that offers a swirling, sixties tone and vivid harmonies. It’s a hazy, slow burn with some strong guitar that confronts the fall-out from the end of a relationship in a hopeful manner.

Honesty and maturity weave its way through the song and is evident in glowing lyrics like “I don’t believe that cryings a shame / I don’t believe that love is in vain / I do, wish the best for you.” The dreamy song reflects a progressive ending that leaves you with a nostalgic aftertaste.

Go listen to Night Leaf in full, out on PaperCup Music.

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