Favorite Monthly Releases: June 2018

By July 16, 2018PLAYLIST

         June provided us with a great collection of new music that got us through another hot month of Summer, so we’ve once again rounded up some of our top favorite new tracks from this past month! Listen to the full playlist below and make sure to go check out the releases in full from Sun June, Oso Oso, Okey Dokey, Kevin Krauter, Snail Mail and Why Bonnie, and keep your eyes peeled for the forthcoming records from the rest of the list.  

Track List //

  1. “1Alone” by Navy Gangs 
  2. “Apartments” by Sun June
  3. “Easy Street” by Juanita Stein
  4. “gb/ol h/nf” by Oso Oso
  5. “Gold Rush” by Why Bonnie
  6. “Heat Wave” by Snail Mail
  7. “In Your Car” by Free Cake For Every Creature
  8. “Seventeen” by Tomberlin
  9. “Suddenly” by Kevin Krauter
  10. “Waves” by Okey Dokey  

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