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By January 16, 2019GUEST PLAYLIST

Photo by Wrenne Evans


Nashville outfit Reality Something‘s lead singer Elena Franklin curated this month’s playlist and hones in on some nostalgic moments. Take a listen to the full list below and check out the band’s latest release Life Noise via Infinity Cat Recordings here.


“Los Angeles” – Phosphorescent

I once drove from LA to Canada by myself, and back not by myself.  This song made me cry as I passed Mt. Shasta in the snow.


Land” – Patti Smith

After reading Just Kids, I used to listen to this album over and over as I made my first paintings in the first house I lived in Nashville.  I lived with 3 guys in bands who were always on tour so I was alone a lot, and coming from small apartments in cities, it was the first time I ever lived in a house in the country, with no cable or internet and horses for neighbors, and it felt like me and Patti were the only people in the world.


Don’t Come Around Here No More” – Tom Petty

One night in the midst of a grand breakup riding down Mulholland Drive, before the days of Spotify, suddenly I NEEDED to hear this song.  My friend Dakota sensed the urgency of the matter and purchased it immediately on iTunes and we listened to it on repeat through the canyon back to her apartment.  This started my new regimen of at least one hour of Tom Petty a day as medicine.  I once heard somebody say that Tom Petty is nature’s Xanax.


“Graceland” – Paul Simon

The first song I play at the beginning of any road trip.  One of my more notable was moving Alison from New York to Los Angeles in her little blue Rav4, to come live with me and Tana in our little blue house.  On this trip, we actually visited the song’s namesake.


“Machu Picchu” – The Strokes

Before we were all so connected to the internet, one day in California Tana told me The Strokes released a new album today (our favorite teenage band and my first concert) which was a really nice surprise.  We listened to Angles through my antiquated pink Dell laptop that lived in a hard suitcase on the floor (Breakfast at Tiffany’s style) every evening for a while as we got ready to go out for the night.


“The Difficult Kind” – Sheryl Crow

I’ve sang this song at the top of my lungs out the window driving through canyons, on Freeways, at the ocean on PCH, at freaks and tourists on Hollywood Blvd, and on many solitary trips to the desert, which is the most immediate cure for stagnation and frustration I know of.  But seriously, that album is just a gift to young women.


“Smith Hill” – Deer Tick

This song connects my early adult life with my current one.  I fell in love with a mysterious CD in a 5 CD changer in my old boyfriend’s black Ford Focus, driving down to meet him in San Diego one night.  I listened to it every time I borrowed the car, eventually coming to find out it was Deer Tick’s Born On Flag Day.  Becoming a fan of a living band I could actually go see was exciting, and it later led me to Kingsley who I met seeing Deertick at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles when his old band was on tour with them as their opener.


“The Hurting” – Tears for Fears

If you’ve never heard this song you will wonder where it’s been your whole life, that is all.  I’d be wary of someone if they didn’t like it.


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