Guest Artist Playlist: Small Forward

Small Forward

Crumb – Locket
People are freaking out about this band and it’s totally deserved. Some of my favorite drumming
I’ve heard in a while. The arrangement of this track is so kinetic but done so well— the effortless ebbing and flowing through sections is so slick.

The Notations – What More Can I Say
I’m totally in love with the “oldies” era of soul and R&B music from the late 60s and early 70s, because of the strong melodies and restrained instrumentation. Kind of reminds me of what it would have been like to drive down the freeway in a convertible in LA back in the day or something. The Notations are one such criminally underrated band from that time period, but this song gained a bit of circulation after Knxwledge sampled it for a song by him and Anderson Paak.

SALES – Off and On
Probably my most played track as of late. Oozes steeze. Subtle changes in drum patterns have such an impact on this song, plus the mix on the vocals is really nice. From a production standpoint, definitely a sound Small Forward might be looking towards for inspiration.

BOYO – Insomnia
I love Boyo’s vocal melodies – the verse melody on this track is the coolest, not to mention his lyrics: “when the back home habits try to get you down”.. such a good line. Looking forward to hopefully playing a show with him in LA.

Ronnie Wood – Far East Man
Between Faces, Rolling Stones and Jeff Beck’s band, it’s crazy that Ronnie Wood even had time to record his own music. I find this particular era of rock in the 70s, fueled by country, soul and psych-rock, to be a pretty strong influence in our approach to songwriting for Small Forward. A catchy and easy going tune.

King Tuff – The Other
We played this song while the sun was rising in New Mexico during our drive back home from SXSW – such a moment. Vocal tone is wicked. The lyrics pull you in such that you have to stop whatever you’re doing and just listen.

Flowertruck – Enough For Now
A new band from Australia that I recently discovered – their new record, ‘Mostly Sunny’ lives up to its name, with a cool mix of bright, shiny guitar tones and overcast songwriting. Love the post-punk vocals mixing with the warbly melodies.

Jessica Pratt – Back, Baby
One of my favorite singer songwriters from recent years, her album on Drag City just got on to Spotify so I’ve been listening to it even more than usual. I love how she incorporates aspects of Bossa Nova and acoustic jazz into her folksy sensibilities, just beautiful. Haunting vocal performance as well.

Bill Fay – Dust Filled Room
This song embodies everything we as a band grew up listening to— that groovy 60’s/70’s folk. Bill is one of the many unsung heroes of that generation who’s influenced many of the current artists we love to listen to – namely Kevin Morby (who’d typically be on any playlist we listen to).

TOPS – Outside
A great throwback to “Take My Breath Away” by Berlin, this song is chock full of 80s nostalgia but is still effortlessly fresh. Jane Penny’s vocals have a real timeless quality to them.

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