Guest Artist Playlist: Soaked

By October 23, 2017GUEST PLAYLIST

Guest Artist Playlist
Check out their album “Don’t Wanna Wake Up Today” here:

Sidney Bechet: “Si Tu Vois Ma Mere”
For the most part music is just ink on a piece of paper until a musician breathes life into it but every now and then you’ll come across a song that breaks the mold. “Si tu vois ma mere” is one of that songs that sends you on a journey thru early ragtime music. The melody is so prominent and romantic that you can’t help but give into its beauty. Both as a player and a listener. (Adolfo)

James Brown: “Cold Sweat”
My entire 4th year of college was not dedicated to paying attention to my teachers but was figuring out what groove truly meant. Clyde Stubblefield lays down one of the simplest but tastiest beats you will ever hear. (Oskar)

The Jesus Lizard: “Then Comes Dudley”
That main riff is simply one of the meanest shreds of electricity ever recorded. Like bullets splitting fine hairs, it weaves in and out of that guttural bass like a snake seducing its prey. I imagine myself getting up in slow motion after a cheap shot only to bring hell for payment. (Maxx)

Smith Westerns  “Varsity”
Makes me instantly feel like I’m 16 again running around with friends on vacation summer nights.  The changes and hooks put me under a spell and an immediate dream state. The textures paint other worldly colors that ascend my soul to euphoric shivers every time.. still… (Maxx)

The Cure: “Pictures of You”
The Cure is an encapsulation of time when the concept of being a punk became something beyond scummo jeans and raw amperage power. They take on a side of the punks progression to stylistically driven lover boy punk, that I think is really cool ! (Jimmy)

Pavement: “Unseen Power of the Picket Fence”
I just really like the raw cutting tone of the guitar. It’s nasty, like a chunk of brisket covered in bbq sauce, dripping. It also gives me the idea of what a good southern punk riff should sound like (if cali boys wrote it.) (Jimmy)

Midland: “Drinking Problem”
“I feel the hell out of these lyrics and it is a damn good ole tune. (Maxx)

Billie Holiday: “You Go To My Head”
One of, if not the most romantic song I have ever heard. If this song doesn’t make you think of someone, either past or present, you have no soul. Other than the pain that you hear in her voice, Billie’s interpretation is my favorite because of her band. Starting with the drummer turning into a tap dancer with his brushes, beautiful comping by the pianist …this song is too perfect. “You go to my head with a smile that makes me temperature rise. Like a summer with a thousand July’s. You intoxicate my soul with your eyes.” (Oskar)

Robert Earl Keen: “The Road Goes on Forever”
Other than having one of the tightest bands in the business, Robert Earl Keen knows how to tell a story thru his music. One can hope to live a life like Sherry and Sonny.

Guy Clark: “Let Him Roll”
Greatest songwriter EVER. (Adolfo)

Honorable Mention [Shania Twain: “Forever and For Always”]
Great hooky melody, beautiful lyrics, plus Shania Twain is a BADASS ! (Soaked)

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