Guest Artist Playlist // Tallies

         Photo Credit: Tallies

   Toronto outfit Tallies curated this month’s Guest Artist Playlist with some of their favorite tracks! Take a listen below and keep up with the band here.


“Between Something and Nothing” by The Ocean Blue – When Tallies were playing a gig last summer, the drummer of the headlining band told me that we reminded him of The Ocean Blue. This was one I’d never heard before. Since then “Between Something and Nothing” has been one of my favourite tracks. This song will always bring the energy up in a room. The rhythm section drives throughout the whole song with snappy drum sounds while hooky riffs dance on top. Once you get to the bridge, the speakers flood with reverb as it builds to a clearing and climaxes with a rock’n guitar solo. – Dylan

“Back of Love” by Echo and The Bunnymen – It is so cool how the song starts with a playful upbeat charm and then breaks into chaos and even mellows out. A diverse amount of musical mood swings in the instrumentation while the vocals are more focused with a lyrically passionate performance. The production of the song is great, the drums sound crazy and there is an assortment of different instruments coming in and out. The violins are nasty at times but also become soft and sweet. The song makes me feel crazy. – Dylan

“Birthday” by The Sugarcubes – The first time I heard this song, I did a listener “double-take” because I had never heard sounds like this before. There’s a haunting depth brought to you by the long-held bass notes, and wispy sparkles of air that linger after every breath sung by a young Bjork. When I listen to this song, it makes me want to flail my body, in a good way. – Sarah

“Madora” by Beverly – There’s something so special about a simple song. This song is just simply nice to listen to. I love the constant flow of the groove and the power of repeating one word, building up all on its own. – Sarah

“1941” by Harry Nilsson – What will happen to the boy when the circus comes to town? I wonder that about myself all the time. Will the circus come to town? Has it already? What's going to happen to me when it does? The lyrics in this song are auto-biographical and are sung overtop of chords that seem to be pulled from a circus act. Which is all the more fitting considering Nilsson’s grandparents were circus performers. Nilsson’s jaunty almost happy-go-lucky delivery contrasts nicely with what he is actually saying. – Cian

“Winters Love” by Animal Collective – This song is so simple but is performed in such an interesting way. I love the melody, the harmonies, and the way it builds. It’s one of my favourite songs because every time I hear it I feel like I’m 15 again. – Cian

“Dark End of The Street” by Flying Burrito Brothers – This Song evokes the feeling of unknown familiarity, kind of like the way your first kiss sat or the first time you missed curfew. You every tried weed? Why don’t you take a walk to the dark end of the street? – Stephen

“Unknown Source” by Jon Mckiel – The sound of the almost de-tuned guitar circling as various percussion comes in spins me back to the time I spent in Halifax. A place where I should have done a lot of growing, at the time I had just dropped out of school and was trying to find a way. – Stephen


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