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By April 12, 2019GUEST PLAYLIST

There are so many songs with great intros that provide that rush of both excitement and nostalgia. Whether that is the Friends theme song, Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” or a classic Springsteen song. Everybody always has a list of their go-to’s that just somehow always stick in their mind, Twist lead singer Laura Hermiston breaks down some of her favorites for this month’s playlist.


Tears for Fears – “Everybody Wants to Rules the World” – My #1 song of all time AND my karaoke song.  I gush when I first hear the glittery synth at the beginning and then the shuffle beat kicks in. The melodies keep getting better and better. Roland Orzabal’s voice is iconic. What a jam.

Phil Cordell – “Red Lady” – The production of the guitars, drums, and vocals on this track are perfect. It sounds so simple but is so hard to achieve in our digital age. I will never tired of the beautiful the guitar lick at the beginning that continues throughout the song

The Dovers – “What Am I Going To Do” – This 60s California track has been one of my favourites since high school. I love a jangly melancholy song.

Donnie and Joe Emerson – “My Heart” – Their Dreamin’ Wild album has been a go-to of mine the past few years. This song stands out to me. It has a slow fade in and then kicks in with a piercing sexy guitar that pulses and warbles around you.

The Beach Boys – “Feel Flows” – My favourite Beach Boys (“All I Wanna Do”) song isn’t available on streaming services, but this is a very close second. I’ll be honest, I heard this when I was 10 watching Almost Famous. This song sounds simple, but there is a lot going on that allows you to focus on something new upon each fresh listen. Again, another melancholy song that makes me feel happy the second it comes on.

Def Leppard – “Animal” – This song makes me laugh. It is so cheesy but so so good. The 1 guitar note off the top just sustaining forever, and then the iconic gang vocals in the bridge and chorus. I just feel like I’m riding in the desert in a Camaro with the top down when truly I am driving in our band’s minivan.

Talking Heads – “This Must Be The Place” – You either love or hate this song. This has the same effect as The Cardigans- “Lovefool”. The moment comes on, everyone is like “oh yah, this song rules!” and all is well in the world for 3 minutes.

The B-52’s – “Legal Tender” – I love a poppy 80s song about money.  The little bloops and synths that pop up are all weird in the best possible way.


Keep up with Twist here and while you wait for new music, go check out their sophomore record Distancing that dropped this past December via Buzz Records.



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