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By September 10, 2018PLAYLIST

White Room delivered a hard-hitting introduction with their debut record Eight, which came out this past December and the Brighton- based outfit have been continuously enchanting audiences with their charismatic take on psych-rock. The band never drops the ball throughout the album, when it comes to providing a rousing dose of electrifying music and don’t fall to just being another hazy, retro rock group. White Room are establishing themselves as a band with a real personality due to singer and Mellotron player Jake Smallwood’s distinct, energetic lead and the band’s level of effortless cohesiveness. Take a read below to find out some tracks that have been favorites lately for Jake and the band.


“Before the Water Gets Too High” -Parquet Courts

Instantly hooks you in with what sounds like an Omnichord that never wavers, a very well crafted track.

“L’Etat C’ést Moi” -The Blinders

We’ll be touring with these boys later on this year, the futures limitless for them-one of the tracks off of what’ll be a very influential record.

“Come Into My Sleep” -Nick Cave 

Blew our minds at Victoria Park earlier this year, this stuck out. Wouldn’t go missing if it was snuck into the Door’s ‘The Soft Parade’.

“Small Victories” – The Lemon Twigs

We were all very taken aback by their debut record and seeing them live only reaffirmed that initial excitement.

“other voices”- LCD Soundsystem 

Any tip of the hat to Talking Heads is likely to get our attention and this does for all the right reasons.

“Only You” -Steve Monite 

One from the Archives. Heard Frank Ocean do a cover of this and had to search its origins it was so damn good.

“Why Walk a Dog?” -Jack White

This last album is his masterpiece in my opinion. Scatterings of Zappa throughout and this track is remarkable.

“Tempo” -Husky Loops

Playing a show with these guys in Leeds in October. This track packs a punch.

“Corinne”- Metronomy

A personal favourite off one of my favourite records. The synth/guitar melodies are so well crafted. The track sits perfectly between an uneasy yet so strangely uplifting balance.

“Gut feeling” -Devo

Not to hype this too much but it’s maybe the best track of all time. Too much?


Take a listen to White Room’s playlist below and you can keep up with the band here



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