Hand Habits

Meg Duffy’s origins in Upstate New York make perfect sense upon contact with her music. Much like the beauty of the region’s mountains and rivers, her songs emanate a quality, a natural, humble beauty that can’t be recreated. Her voice lacks the kind of self-consciousness that erases idiosyncrasies in favor of the tyrannical boundaries of spot-on pitch, doing away with the saccharine vocal quality so popular at the moment in the indie rock arena.

Hand Habits’ latest single, “yr heart” is the essence of all of Duffy’s strong suits. Her voice, confidently rides a whole wave of atmospheric instrumentation. Reversed guitar licks and subtle feedback loops dapple the background, punctuated by crisp, echoey brush percussion. Aside from the unique beauty of Duffy’s voice, the real triumph of her recordings is the velvet softness of the production. The landscape over which her vocals lay is massive, and much like the countryside of Upstate New York, immersive, mystical, undeniably special.

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