Photo Credit: Kelia Anne & Luca Venter
Photo Credit: Kelia Anne & Luca Venter

Hazel English’s music offers heart-centered nostalgia worthy of teenage praise. A 25-year-old Oakland transplant from Sydney, Australia, she’s taken her growing pains and molded them into a masterful record of dreamy, indie pop incantations. Just Give In / Never Going Home is debut, double EP that feels formative by nature. Not only does it blissfully emanate the confused surrender of the young adult, it carries the torch of the indie pop tradition highlighted by artists like Best Coast and The Drums at the beginning of the decade.

English’s lyrics are personal witness turned existential rumination and the record is dappled with heard-learned universal truths. Ambition gets the better of her on “It’s Not Real,” a meditation on the futile pursuit of perfection: “All our lives / We just keep searching for what does not exist.” The chorus is the lived realization of gaining the world but losing her soul, and it’s this kind of lived experience that gives her work its staying power. English amplifies micro-observations of her own life in a way that universally resonates with a generation often described as disenfranchised. Out of societal chaos and collective apathy comes someone unafraid to be caught caring too much bearing Just Give In /  Never Going Home, a collection of insight and lived experience that exemplifies the act of paying close attention to life.

You can check out English’s music and tour dates here.

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