Holly Miranda
Photo Credit: Jen Rosenstein

Initially starting out and currently operating as a solo act, Holly Miranda was in the Brooklyn-based band The Jealous Girlfriends in the early to mid-2000’s. Following the band’s final show in 2008, Miranda took the newfound time to reignite her solo career. Evolving from The Jealous Girlfriends’ garage-rock, big-city sound, Miranda found and continues to develop her voice through each solo endeavor.

Since 2010, Miranda has released four distinct projects, each stylistically different from the last. Miranda once said “I’ve always been a proponent of not making the same record twice. Some people find a niche and go with that, but I need to try something different every time.”

On Miranda’s first Dangerbird Records release, 2015’s self-titled LP, she found herself picking up everything and moving to Joshua Tree to write and record the album. Living in the desert provided inspiration for the writing and recording process, which revealed itself through piano ballads or traditional guitar folk tunes.

Miranda’s latest, 2018’s Mutual Horse, opens with the expansive number “Wherever You Are.” From the song’s minute-plus minimalistic intro to its bombastic country-rock breakdown, the album’s opener proves to set the tone for the rest of the record. The latest collection of songs from Holly Miranda shows off her versatility as an artist, able to expand and succeed in any style.

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