Hot Dreams
Photo by Benjamin Edward Simmons

There are some bands that are able to not just create great music, but a real experience with atmospheric, elevating sounds and the British outfit known as Hot Dreams do just that. The London-based foursome are relatively newcomers, but have been crafting a solid reputation for themselves with their captivating, sonic landscapes. Although the band has only released three singles over the past year and a half, they have a resonating sound that’s reminiscent of bands like Grizzly Bear, Foals and Local Natives.  

Their most recent release was the single “Another Night” and holds an abundance of textured, complementing layers that provides a vibrant picture for what’s to come on the band’s debut EP, out some time this year. Similar to the two prior releases “Will You Dive” and “Plungepool”, “Another Night” holds some ascending, glistening arrangements and comprehensive harmonies. The dreamy, rousing song engulfs your ears with lead singer Kai Fennell’s crisp vocals and a charging chorus that remains with you.

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