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By July 31, 2018INTERVIEW

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      Football, Etc. released their third effort Corner this past year via Community Records and have been touring all over since the release. The Houston/Austin-based outfit has played with artists including Japanese Breakfast, DAGS! and Snail Mail, and will hit the road with San Jose’s awakebutstillinbed for a west coast run beginning tomorrow in Seattle. Football, Etc. reflected on the past legs, favorite shows and shared some memories tour stories with us. 

Hey guys, how have you been? Your record Corner came this past year and you’ve been touring since, how have people reacted to it?

Lindsay: We received a lot of positive feedback. We are really proud of it. We also really enjoy working with Community Records, and the transition to a new label couldn’t have been more smooth and exciting.

Daniel: It’s been really great. We’ve been fortunate to play some of the best shows we’ve done as a band this past year while supporting Corner, it over all we just feel very fortunate that people have been so receptive to the record.

That’s great and I’m a big fan of the record! You have played with some great acts, do you guys have a favorite bill or specific show that always stands out?

Lindsay: Touring with DAGS! was so much fun! One venue that we played with them last summer that will always stand out to me is Oetinger Villa in Darmstadt, Germany. We have played there three times now. It is a giant old mansion that is run by the community, including a group of DIY punks who host shows. They are so nice and the German hospitality is out of control. They fed us a feast for dinner, gave us (too) many German beers,  and came back in the morning to feed us breakfast as well. They have a big bunk room and dormitory style showers, so you just stay upstairs from where you perform. It is truly a magical place.

Daniel: The Jbrekkie shows this past spring were definitely some of the biggest shows we’ve played as a band, really an incredible experience getting to do that little run. Favorite bill ever would be in Japan on our first time over in 2015, us, malegoat, mirror and akutagawa for me was just incredible. All Japanese bands are beyond amazing, but these are some of my favorites and just good friends of ours. OR our fest showcase last year was a dream. DAGS! And Ratboys and us, what a show!  

That’s awesome, what would you say is your best road story from a run?

Daniel: Last November, we were touring in Japan and we were going to stay at someone’s grandma’s house after a show on one of the smallest islands in Japan. It was November and very cold but we were excited to stay at a very old traditional Japanese home and meet grandma and hopefully eat some great home cooked Japanese food. The show was fun, but it had been rainy all day and really cold. Then the drive to Grandma’s house was almost 3 hours, into the mountains. But we were stoked to meet Grandma and warm up with some homemade Udon or something. WRONG. Grandma had long since passed on, and the house had no heat, and no home cooked food awaited us. We all slept in one room under a huge pile of sleeping mats and blankets to stay warm. It was hilariously miserable, but we survived.

Also one time we were trying to cross the English channel back to London from France, and the French ferry workers were on strike! And our ferry was definitely not going to make it to London in time for our show, so after some freaking out, we ditched the ferry and hauled ass to the channel and managed to just barely get the last train car across, and we made it! Super stressful! But the show in London was great, and we were happy to have made it.  

Yeah, that is roughing it in Japan, but I feel like it’s good to have an experience like that and also, it’s a pretty funny story to look back on! Do you have must-haves that you take with you?

Mercy: Nail clippers, extra strings (Bass VI strings are near-impossible to come by on the road), and a Game Boy.

Lindsay: Dry shampoo

Daniel: extra snare head!

Following your recent set of shows in Mexico, you are hitting the west coast with Californian outfit awakebutstillinbed, were you familiar with their music before setting up the tour?

Mercy: We met Shannon at SXSW last year. At that time, she had a different band. We hit it off and talked about touring together, but couldn’t sort out the timing until this summer. I liked the awakebutstillinbed record when they put it up on Bandcamp and I’m really excited for its release on Tiny Engines.

I’ll be sure to keep an eye out and check it out. What bands do you guys find yourselves revisiting lately or have on repeat?

Lindsay: The Breeders, Palehound, Tancred, and Speedy Ortiz

Daniel: Jay Som, Wild Pink, Teenage Fanclub, The Ocean Party

Yeah, That’s a solid list. I have been listening to the new Wild Pink album Yolk in the Fur and Tancred’s Nightstand a lot recently, so good! Have you guys been working on your next release or more taking your time until you have a break from touring to write?

Lindsay: We are sort of taking our time. Since we live in two different cities (Houston and Austin), it is hard to write when we have shows and tours coming up. I hope we will have some time to focus on writing after tour.

What else is on the docket for the band for the rest of the year?

Lindsay: This is pretty much it! I see this as a wrapping up of the Corner tour cycle. We were lucky enough to travel to Europe, Japan, the Midwest, East Coast, and now Mexico and the West Coast in support of this album. Unless we find new places to visit, I think we will be just taking a timeout and perhaps playing some local (Houston and Austin) shows.

August Live Dates:

8/1- Seattle WA – Vera Project

8/2- Portland OR – Blackwater

8/3- Redding CA – The Annex

8/4- San Francisco CA – Bottom of the Hill

8/5- Santa Cruz CA – SubRosa

8/6- Fresno CA – Strummers

8/7- Santa Barbara CA – BiCi Centro

8/8- Fullerton CA – Programme Skate & Sound

8/9- San Diego CA – Spacebar (21+)


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