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By January 16, 2019INTERVIEW


We recently had a brief catch up with Texan band skirts and about their recent album Almost Touching and what artists that are catching their ear at the moment. Read our conversation below and make sure to not sleep on this great band.

You welcomed your latest release Almost Touching back in February, but collaborated with Citrus City Records to reissue it on tape a couple months ago, is there something that you love about tapes compared to other listening formats? 

I think you might get this answer from most cassette fans, but I gravitate towards listening to and recording onto cassettes because they add a specific warmth to music. A subtle but loud hiss that makes recordings sweeter. I’m a sucker for that!


The title of the record perfectly epitomizes the effort that is exerted to develop a certain level of vulnerability and intimacy with another person, close but not completely connected. What brought you to that arching idea?  

It’s pretty straightforward but it was inspired by the relationship I was in at the time. I remember feeling almost there, like two people floating in water, reaching for another but never quiet touching.


Off the record, was there a song that was the most challenging to make because of the space it had you revisit? 

I can’t remember a specific song off of “Almost Touching” that I struggled with making and I think that is because making that album became a very productive distraction for me. I could focus on making something versus focusing on a situation I couldn’t control. I sometimes struggle with performing a couple of the songs off the album now because I feel so detached from them, but I still perform them from time to time.


One aspect I liked about the EP is the relatable, honest poignancy that is intertwined throughout. The third song “Dream Girl” stood out and was one of my favorites, which is about not being what that person may want. Could you tell me about writing that track? 

“Dream Girl” is probably my favorite song off the album. It’s one that lyrically took little effort and immediately made sense. Personally, I feel it’s about finding the strength to accept that you might not be right for someone you want to be right for.


Skirts has played with a variety of great bands recently including No Vacation, Bonny Doon, Snail Mail, and Hovvdy just to name a few, What’s been the most memorable show for you?

We played a show on tour in Grand Rapids with our friends Father Truck, Ghost Orchard, & J. Fisher. It was a very sweet night I will never forget and one of the most fun shows I’ve ever played!


What bands have you been drawn to lately from Texas or otherwise?

There are so many! I actually spent a lot of time after tour curating a little compilation focusing on the beautiful and talented artists I have met in TX. It’s called ‘lonestar’ and it’s coming out in early January. At the moment I am very drawn to and inspired by Crisman, Dead Sullivan, Hovvdy, Tex Patrello, Picnics, and Bare Mountain to name a few.

Keep up with skirts here and listen to Almost Touching below

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