Kino Kimino
Photo Credit: Kino Kimino

Recording and performing in experimental-leaning electronic band Eagle & Talon, Kim Talon navigated Los Angeles in the mid to late 2000’s before landing in Brooklyn in the 2010’s. It’s in Brooklyn, where Talon started the project of post-punk group Kino Kimino. With Kino Kimino, Kim Talon fully devotes her sound to punk and lyrically relates through life events – moving across the country, interpersonal drama, and modern women’s issues all are common themes throughout Talon’s writing.

On debut album Bait is for Sissies, Kino Kimino combines a series of heavier genres into its own blend of rock, crossing riot grrl with post-punk and garage rock. The band, more so a solo project of Talon’s with a rotating cast of musicians, released their debut in 2016. With the introduction made by producer John Agnello, Bait is for Sissies was recorded with Sonic Youth members Lee Ranaldo on guitar and Steve Shelley on drums. The contributing pair’s input helps set apart Kino Kimino from Talon’s previous works. 

In addition to Talon on vocals and guitar, the live band Kino Kimino, in its current iteration, contains guitarist/vocalist Tarra Thiessen (of Ex-Girlfriends, Sharkmuffin, and Gustaf) as well as drummer Jordyn Blakely (of Butter The Children). Recently, Kino Kimino took to South by Southwest this past March to perform, but there are no tour dates slated for the upcoming months. Keep an eye on the band’s social media pages for tour announcements.

Check out the full Bait is for Sissies album below and follow Kino Kimino here

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