Landlady originates from Brooklyn and are a standout amongst the climbing number of bands around these days. The quintet consists Adam Schatz, Ian Chang, Will Graefe Ian Davis, and Booker Stardrum, who together are making great records that can be described as distinct, grooving and comforting sounds that wash over you. The band released their third album called The World Is A Loud Place earlier this year and is comprised of an honest reflection of life. The well-crafted arrangements of each track push you toward the next one, while never becoming dull or jading. The album is cohesive, while also diverting in various directions and full of parts, where unexpected compositions reside. The World Is A Loud Place is a one of those feel-good records that hold nostalgic and introspective aspects within it. Landlady’s swirling album is eccentric and sounds like it came from another time, but not so far out of place. The atmospheric sounds of Landlady enter your mind and transport you to another space. This band knows how to create moments with their music and don’t overcomplicate a song or story for the listener. They create a thoughtful landscape with this album and make you think about how complex things can be, which more music should do.

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