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By March 22, 2018INTERVIEW
Lunar Vacation


Atlanta’s music community is chalk full of diverse, dynamic bands and artists, one of which is the dreamy, indie rock band; Lunar Vacation. The quintet’s sound is reminiscent of acts like No Vacation, The Symposium and Hazel English, but have a specific, enthusiastic energy that’s infused into every song. Their lush layers of synth, breezy arrangements and infectious tones elevate the whole room, live or otherwise. Their resonating songwriting sits in your mind for days and enhances the everyday narrative.

Lead Singer and guitarist Grace Repasky speaks about the band’s love of their home base, the production of their debut EP Swells and inspirations, along with what’s next in the forthcoming months.

The band is Atlanta-based, has that impacted the band’s trajectory in any specific way?

Grace Repasky: It’s definitely been interesting in a good way. Usually when people think of Atlanta music, they think of rap, so when we were first starting out LV, we were very ignorant about DIY bands like us in the Atlanta scene, besides Sea Ghost. But we love it here. There is such an incredible mix of genres that float around, the community is very open, and we’ve met so many amazing friends.

When playing in the city, do you guys have a favorite venue you prefer to play at?

Grace Repasky: Yes! Our favorite venue is definitely the Drunken Unicorn or Vinyl. We play Drunken a lot and they treat us so well, there’s never a bad time there!

What other Atlanta bands are you loving at the moment and think others should know about?

Grace Repasky: Well we will love Pinkest forever (even though half of them are in tennessee for school now), Dinnertime, Antarcticats and Jenny’s Henchmen. We are pretty close with all of them and they make some sick jams! Find their music on Bandcamp or Spotify. We are playing with Antarcticats at their release show on March 30th at Drunken Unicorn with Pinkest! If you are in the ATL area, come on down and hang.

What were some of your favorite records of this past year?

Grace Repasky: Definitely Alvvays’ Antisocialites, Pinkest’s To The Land of The Electric Angel, Tyler the Creator’s Flower Boy and Pond’s The Weather.

Are there any records that have acted as a source of real inspiration to you guys, whether in regards to your last EP or just in general?

Grace Repasky: We are heavily influenced by Alvvays and Tame Impala in general, but for the last EP, we kind of just made what we thought sounded good. But for me, Suck It and See by Arctic Monkeys and Alvvays’ Alvvays influenced me SO much lyrically. Listening to these albums the whole way through inspires me a lot, especially because it proves that you can write about the simplest of encounters and craft them into a song. Like something as simple as passing someone on the street!

On your EP Swell, was there any song that was more difficult to write or produce compared to the rest?

Grace Repasky: “Swimming” takes the cake for that one. We recorded it all at our buddy Chris Senador’s house, and after we realized that Maggie’s guitar had some intonation issues and one note was like really really flat. BUT with Chris’ magical producing skills he fixed it, but I remember we were so annoyed by that note. Maggie now has a new guitar. But other than that, every song kind of took the same amount of time and effort.

Did you have a clear direction you knew you wanted the EP to sound like or was it a more evolving process during recording?

Grace Repasky: I would say it evolved during recording. We weren’t as organized as we should have been, and while we were recording it, we had a band member change and everything was kind of happening at once. John Michael added a bunch of fills and cool synth/guitar parts to the whole EP that really tied everything together because before he joined, we weren’t going to put any synth on any of the songs. But we are so beyond happy and proud of it!

What are your plans for this year? Anything Exciting people should keep their eyes peeled for?

Grace Repasky: We are dropping a new single sometime in March, then another EP/LP in the beginning of summer. As for touring, we are planning a mini tour with Dinnertime in May, then a tour to a bunch of cities later in July!

Live Dates:

3/24-The 5 Spot-Nashville
3/30-The Drunken Unicorn-Atlanta
4/24-The Masquerade-Atlanta

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