Photo Credit: Okey Dokey
Photo Credit: Okey Dokey

Okey Dokey is a duo consisting of The Weeks’ guitarist, Johnny Fisher, and visual artist Aaron Martin. Their live performance is a Frankenstein formation of some of Nashville’s most influential musicians, featuring members of Sol Cat, Desert Noises, Diane Coffee, and Wild Child. This kind of loosely held lineup and gung-ho collaboration not only makes for a refreshing sonic cocktail of psych infused Motown, but speaks to the sheer volume of raw talent present in Nashville’s independent music scene.

The duo’s debut album, Love You, Mean It, came to fruition in Fisher’s small cabin outside of Nashville, so with the diversity of musicianship that went in to the project, it’s impressive that such a uniquely identifiable sound left its footprint on a record that boldly traverses the boundaries of genre. Tracks like “Coffee Boi” and “Wavy Gravy” boast 50s style swing structures brought up to code with textured synth patches, while “All Of My Love” offers the kind of driving, dancy rhythm that lends itself well to nightclubs. What makes Okey Dokey’s work distinguishable in 2017 is its refusal of the confines of the niche. Love You, Mean It shapeshifts, fitting the mold of the moment but breaking out when it feels right. It’s a record that exudes creative experience, intuition, and panoramic vision.

Words by Andrew Strader

You can listen to Okey Dokey’s recently released EP “Love You, Mean It” here:

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