Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez
Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez

Solidifying their place among the ranks of Beantown, alternative rockers is Palehound, a trio led by Ellen Kempner.  In their second album, A Place I’ll Always Go, the band rips through brief, quirky, quips about anxiety and emotion. Kempner’s reserved vocals add to the DIY feel that sustains throughout the album: effects are used but sparingly, vocals are inventive but not over ambitious. Nothing is too polished, which is perfect because like the characters in her songs, 23- year-old Kempner is figuring things out as she goes.  But don’t mistake this for half-hearted songwriting.  From start to finish, A Place I’ll Always Go shows a lot of confidence, maturity, and sincerity.

Listen to standout track, “Feeling Fruit,” here:

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