Photo Tour Recap // Sun June

By November 6, 2018FEATURED

1. In September 2018 we toured all throughout Italy, and played shows in Jena, Munich, Brussels, and London. It was such an amazing trip and we can’t wait to go back! We ate lots of pasta. We want to thank everyone who made it possible–we stayed so many amazing places and played at incredible venues. Here we are lounging in Forli, Italy. It is the lone photo of our lost film camera. We lost it on a bus underneath the English Channel. If anyone has any information of its whereabouts please reach out. 😭😭😭. We lost all of our film rolls, but luckily we took some phone photos.


Cascatas and gelato at Isola Del Liri outside of Sora, Italy. We ate Gelato every chance we could: the best was at a place called Otaleg in Rome, where Stephen accidentally ordered beet flavor. Tasted like a dang garden!


3. Michael Bain, Texan, is too tall for the Old World. He’s about to dip in the Adriatic.


4. Salami flavored chips with un espresso normale. Stephen was born for this life. We stopped at a lot of Autogrills off the autostrade. They tend to cater to the american tourist with big bags of pasta, giant candy, and 3 foot cans of Pringles. But the food ain’t that bad and the coffee always comes with a saucer. It’s fancy.


5. Montecarotto, Italy, at Osteria sotto le Mura. This photo doesn’t do it justice, but we’re playing in a courtyard that was once a medieval garden. Montecarotto means “broken castle mountain,” and an audience member told us that the first recorded mention of it was in the 1200s. The same person went on to describe how beautiful he thought Santa Fe, NM was. Had to agree. We got to stay in the castle walls and drink local wine. It was spook-tacular.


6. Pizza in Avellino, Italy. (It’s where Tony Soprano’s family is from). We were surprised we had to use google translate as often as we did to look at Pizza menus. It’s very easy to accidentally order tuna pizza.


7. On our last day of tour, we played the Shacklewell Arms, London, a dark bar that made us feel like we were back in Austin. We misquoted Captain Beefheart when we tagged the green room. Whoops! London is amazing but it needs more prosciutto.


8. We drove back to Italy at the end of the tour to try to save money on our rental car (pro tip). We stopped in Paris and tried to recreate the cover The Carters’ ‘Everything is Love.’


All Photos by Sun June.


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