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Sounding Board: Could you give me some background about how the band came together?

Post Animal: The band initially formed when Dalton and Matt, who grew up together in Danville, IL, met Jake in Chicago through a mutual friend. Jake is from Madison, WI, and we had all come to the city for various schools. The three of us wrote our first songs together with our friend Teddy, who was commuting from Madison, on drums. Eventually we found Joe, who was a co-worker of Matt’s, to take over on drums playing live and when we went to record ‘…Water Activities.’

The next summer Jake took an internship in NYC so Joe moved to guitar and Wes, who was a classmate of Joe’s at DePaul, came in to play the drums. It worked out well so when Jake came back we kept Wes on drums and Joe became a third guitarist. We got used to this format so when anyone had a conflict we would play with Javi, who we met through Teddy and their band in Madison. Things clicked well with Javi, too, so since then he’s been with us and things have evolved to become more and more collaborative between all of us.

Sounding Board: What type of exposure did you guys have with music growing up?

Post Animal: I think we all come from families with lots of musical interests, whether it be through parents, siblings or cousins. A lot of our parents are musicians and we get a lot of support from them. Growing up we were all exposed to a lot of 60s-70s-80s rock and pop that has definitely influenced what we try to create.

Sounding Board: Yeah, I for sure hear those types of influences in your music. Your last full release The Garden Series came out this past year, was the recording process similar to when you released your first EP?

Post Animal: This one was a lot different for sure. We did all the tracks separately as singles and tried out a lot of different recording methods. We were really just using it as an experiment to see what recording techniques and songwriting styles would catch on the best before we went to record a full length.

Sounding Board: That’s a smart way of preparing for a full-length album, Then earlier this past month you released the great, new single “Special Moment”, could you tell me a little bit about that track?

Post Animal: Thank you, I think ‘Special Moment’ is a breath of fresh air for us because its one of the first that we all got to collaborate on recording-wise since the whole band came together. It started out just as a demo of the bass line and vocal melody and then everyone filled in their own parts to that and we jammed it out live until we had it down. Lyrically it is relevant to the feelings that come with all of the recent opportunities we’ve been given so it’s very fun for us to release it at this point in time.

Sounding Board:  Following the track release, you released a cool video. what was the creative process like making it?

Post Animal:  The idea from the music video came from Alec Basse, a local Chicago film director, who co-directed the video with Max Moore. We all met up for coffee one day to talk about his ideas and we were instantly sold on the cleaning guy in the mansion. Before we knew it Alec had gotten a bunch of resources together with his team and the filming began. Most of us are more experienced on the music side than the film, so the creative direction was put in their team’s control and we would offer up our input when we had an idea. It turned out great and we can’t thank them all enough for dedicating their time.

Sounding Board: It’s always interesting seeing the type of visual narrative that artists release for a track, you don’t always know what it will be like, but your video was more like a short film.

Now you have played some shows with some awesome bands such as Twin Peaks and Wavves, do you have a favorite show so far? Any in particular that you are looking forward to?

Post Animal: Those two tours were such a crazy way to get thrown into the touring world. Between the two of those guys there were a lot of insane moments and we’re excited for an opportunity to get to go out with them again. I think from the Twin Peaks tour our show at 9:30 club was definitely a highlight to get to open the show at such a renowned venue and then see them rip the same stage apart.

Playing our NYC debut with Wavves was also a moment that I don’t think any of us will ever forget, but all of those shows with both bands were absolutely crazy. We’re definitely looking forward to going back to some of those same places but I think we’re all most excited to play out along the West Coast for the first time later in July.

Sounding Board: I’ve seen Twin Peaks play and they are just on another level. Your “Go On The Wrong” Tour has just started, how was the first show?

Post Animal: It was so sick. We played with Acid Dad, Faux Ferocious, and Field Trip at Baby’s All Right. The bands were all absolutely legendary and I think the show ended up selling out at the door, which was incredibly humbling. We met a lot of people that night who we will stay in touch with for a long time to come.

Sounding Board: That’s awesome! During shows, are there any specific songs that people react to the most?

Post Animal: I think our live show is a bit different than what is online, so I think the EP sleepers usually end up becoming people’s live favorites like ‘You Were Not There’, ‘Swamp Fruit’ and a lot of the unreleased tracks we’ve been playing live. People really get into ‘When I Get Home’ and ‘Special Moment,’ too, which is a really cool feeling for us.

Sounding Board:  Should people be on the lookout for anything soon, like a full-length album or another EP?

Post Animal:  We’ve definitely got some new stuff coming, I would tell people to keep an eye and an ear out for stuff from us sometime closer to the fall.

Sounding Board: Awesome and excited to hear the new stuff, Thanks for speaking with us!

Check out the band’s recent single “Special Moment”  and upcoming live dates:

Live Dates:
6/29 – Miami- Churchill’s Pub
6/30 – Tampa- New World Brewery
7/1 – Raleigh- King’s
7/3 – Cincinnati- MOTR Pub
7/5 – Detroit- El Club
7/6 – Fort Wayne- The Brass Rail
7/7 – Cleveland- The Beachland Ballroom
7/10 – Chicago- Subterranean
7/13- St. Louis- Foam
7/14- Memphis- Hi-Tone
7/15- Jackson, MS- Spacecamp
7/16- Baton Rouge- Spanish Moon
7/17- Houston- White Oak Music Hall
7/18- Dallas- Club Dada
7/20- Austin- Mohawk
7/21- El Paso- Lowbrow Palace
7/23- Phoenix- Valley Bar
7/24- San Diego- Soda Bar
7/25- LA- Bootleg Theater
7/26- Santa Ana- Constellation Room at The Observatory
7/27- San Francisco- Brick & Mortar Music Hall
7/30- Seattle- Sunset Tavern
7/31- Vancouver- The Cobalt
8/1- Spokane- The Bartlett
8/3- Salt Lake City- Kilby Court
8/4- Denver- Lion’s Lair
8/6- Kansas City- The Riot Room
8/8- Madison, WI-The Frequency

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