By May 14, 2017INTERVIEW

Sounding Board: You guys have been together since 2011, but could you tell me how you guys came together?

Joe: Alex wrote the song ‘Monsters Calling Home’ to perform at an Asian American talent competition called Kollaboration. He put together a hodgepodge of musicians (the rest of us) and we played the event at the Nokia theatre. We lost.

Sounding Board: What artists are the most influential to you guys, whether for the band or personally?

Joe: There are so many influences between the five of us. For me it would be Led Zeppelin, Dr. Dog and Hiatus Kaiyote.

Sounding Board: Yeah, those are some great bands! You released your most recent record called Drinking from a Salt Pond last year, what was like the production process like?

Joe: This was a tough album to write. However, the recording and production went very well. Our producer, Lars Stalfors, really took his time engaging with us and our songs. We got to record at the Cold War Kids’ studio so that was an added bonus.

Sounding Board: That’s awesome! What song was your favorite to make? Which song was the most difficult?

Joe: My favorite song to make was David Robinson. The most difficult was Anthony.

Sounding Board; Your summer tour pretty much just kicked off, but do you have a favorite show so far and are there any your particularly excited for?

Joe: Salt Lake City is always a great time. We played at a small venue called Kilby Court. It’s a very intimate and laid back setting and it’s hard to get that feel in a lot of venues. I’m definitely excited for Shaky Knees and Bottle Rock.

Sounding Board: Do you guys have any great tour stories?

Joe: On the way back from SXSW we stopped by Denny’s and had a great meal. As I was leaving my waiter looked at me with big eyes and said, “hey man have a great night. Smoke weed everyday.” It was really weird. But at the same time It was like he was speaking into my soul.

Sounding Board: Haha yeah, it’s always great when you run into interesting people like that. There is a lot of music out there, but Is there a song you have heard, whether old or new, that you wish you had written?

Joe: “Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson

Sounding Board: Thanks for speaking with me and hope the rest of your tour goes well!

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