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By October 24, 2017INTERVIEW

Photo by Hans MuellerPhoto by Hans Mueller

Sounding Board: It was great to see you guys play tonight! You’re a little over halfway done with your tour, how has it been going so far?

Slow Caves: Great to see you too! The first half of the tour was really interesting because we had never been in the south before as a band. I think we can all say how surprised with how well the shows have gone and how much we like the cities we’ve been in. Especially Charlotte, NC and Athens, GA.

Sounding Board: Has there been a stand out show up to now or have they all been progressing well?

Slow Caves: Yeah, I think they’ve progressed pretty well. The Athens show stands out to me because we played with really good bands who were super friendly and had great songs. The room we played in felt like the size of a bedroom, but it sounded great and vibes were very good in general.

Sounding Board: Do you have any great road tales from this tour leg?

Slow Caves: Unfortunately, we do! When we were in DC, right as we were setting up, Jackson couldn’t find his cymbals anywhere. He looked to see if he had left them in our van parked around the corner, but didn’t have any luck. When he was walking back he saw a guy walk carrying them. Luckily he was able to retrieve them from the man. But still, such a bummer. Why do people do that??

Sounding Board: That is crazy, I’m glad he caught them in time! Are there any other bands in particular, that you guys are excited you have or will be playing this during this run?

Slow Caves: There was a band that we played with in Athens called “Mighty.” They blew us away. We also saw our friends/label mates, Moonbeau in Cincinnati. Wonderful people and a wonderful band.

Sounding Board: You recently premiered a video for your track “2 HRS!”, how was the creative process? Was it nice to switch it up and create something visual?

Slow Caves: Loved making that video. We had talking about making a video with our friend Graham from The Baltic for a while. He’s such of an enigma. So creative and hilarious. David and I sat in a cafe one long afternoon and came up with the concept and planned out all the shots. When we shot the video, David and Graham (who studies film at the New School in NYC) both directed it.

Sounding Board: I really liked the video and thought you guys did a great job! What bands have you guys recently discovered that are inspiring you concerning creating new material?

Slow Caves: We hardcore love the new Cribs album. Another great one that just came out is the Inheaven record. I highly recommend it to all people who like music.

Sounding Board: Do you guys plan to release a follow up EP to “Desert Minded” or do you have a full-length record in the works?

Slow Caves: Yeeeeeeah!! A few new songs will be out early next year. We have plans to record a bigger project in January as well!

Sounding Board: Is there anything else exciting that people should keep their eyes open for?

Slow Caves: We take pride in having consistently pretty good content on our Instagram stories. So check that every now and then.

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