SB:  So could you tell me about how you got together?

Justin Osborne: We all found ourselves living in Charleston, making music and eventually the band was formed. It took a couple of years for the line-up to solidify. There have been several collaborators coming and going since the project began.

SB: What where each of your relationships with music growing up and what types of music were you exposed to?

Justin Osborne:  We all had various experiences with music, as well as influence. I think the common thread we all have is that we’ve all be in love with music from an early age. It starts when you get into the music your parents listen to, then you find your own tastes and somewhere a long the way you start making music yourself.

SB: Did you guys carry any of the influences from your past when recording your first album?

Justin Osborne:  I definitely think we carried our past influences in the recording process, both musically and culturally. We try to draw from a diverse palette of genres musically; lyrically our songs are all pretty autobiographical so there’s definitely little pieces of the past (recent and distant) living in each song.

SB: Was the recording process different for this upcoming album compared to the previous one?

Justin Osborne: I’d say it was pretty similar, there was never a time when everyone was in the studio at once. We kind of filtered in, invited friends to collaborate and just let the songs come to life in a natural way, same as on our first record. I would say, though, that we allowed ourselves to have more fun and explore more sonic territories this time around.

SB: Did guys also act as part producer on the upcoming album or leave that to the sound engineer or producer that you worked with?

Justin Osborne: We have a very casual relationship with our producer/engineer and we definitely contribute on the production side. That’s one of the reasons we like recording where we do, we have a lot of freedom to produce ourselves along the way. That can be a blessing and a curse though, it can be hard to keep ourselves on track sometimes.

SB: What was the most difficult song to record and what was your favorite one on “And I’m Fine Today”?

Justin Osborne: The most difficult was probably “Far Out Feeling,” it took a while to figure out exactly what that song was supposed to be. It went through several incarnations before it became what it is now. I’d also say that it’s one of our favorites on the record, possibly THE favorite if we had to choose.

SB: You guys are from Charleston, so what’s the music scene like there? Do find it a has supportive music community?

Justin Osborne: The music scene here is really great, I really can’t say enough about it. Everyone has been really supportive of us and we try to return the favor. Charleston is a small city so everyone is kind of aware of one another, there is a ton of collaboration and support all around. It can feel like a big family sometimes, which can also have it’s stressful moments (haha). Family loves unconditionally but all family fights from time to time.

SB: You guys are about to embark on a tour opening with Kaleo for The Lumineers, do you have any expectations for those shows?

Justin Osborne: We are really excited for the tour with The Lumineers and Kaleo, they are both great bands and we are eager to play our music for their fans. Hopefully we will gain a lot of momentum for our album from this tour, we want to share it with as many people as possible.

SB: Thanks so much for talking with me!

Justin Osborne: Thanks for the interview!


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