Swimming Tapes

Reverbed-out, spaced-out indie rock with funky bass lines is a strange niche to be in, but Swimming Tapes occupy it with confidence. The London-based quintet has released only a small selection of songs ranging from the explorational “Queen’s Parade” to the Tame-esque “Cameos”. The hallmarks of modern indie are there- guitar more content to float than to sting and vocals sounding as if they were recorded in a spacious hallway.

But it wouldn’t be fair to dismiss them for fitting too snugly into a well-worn genre. The bass lines are what separates this band. Influenced heavily by funk, they elevate what might become tedious into something special. Much like fellow indie rockers Day Wave and the War On Drugs, the music’s fluttering about conjures up beautiful sonic imagery. What’s even more impressive that all their landscape crafting is done with instruments- no studio magic to be found here. Let it be known that Swimming Tapes captures a unique, swelling vibe in all their music and we can’t wait to see what they release next.

Take a listen to “Queen’s Parade” below

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