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People love things that hold a nostalgic essence to it, whether that be vinyl, or a television show set in the eighties. The tape has made a resurgence in the last several years and inspired me to start my own tape label I gave the name; Crafted Sounds. I have been able to help put out some great tapes and work with some real dynamic artists. Here are some tape labels that you should know about and keep your eyes peeled for releases from each of them.

Disposable America

Boston’s music scene is really happening right now. Disposable America is a big reason why. They are a community-oriented label that really goes the distance to help the artists they work with. DA truly delivers on the customer experience that goes beyond music by decorating your package with stamps/stickers and throwing some extra random goodies and every order. Also, their merch game is on fire. You got to see their pencils on their bandcamp store.

Recent Release to Check Out: Apology Plant by Lilith

Forged Artifacts

Forged Artifacts continually puts out dreamy, uplifting alternative releases that do the soul good. They are based in Minneapolis, MN, but they work with artists from all over the country. Their branding and artwork is top notch and they have a great social media presence. Good memes, greater label.

Recent Release to Check Out: 3 by Alexei Shishkin

Citrus City Records

Never seen people support their artists more than CC. Really wholesome people doing some really awesome things down in Richmond, VA. They are constantly whipping up wild tape releases for bands recognized on local, national, and international levels. There is not one sound or limit to CC as they really explore all music and genres. Mad respect.

Recent Release to Check Out: Fine by Antiphons

Z Tapes

Based all the way in Slovakia, Z Tapes has truly harnessed the power of the internet. They work with artists from all over and deliver beautiful cassettes to their large underground following. They also put out seasonal compilation tapes that rip. Z Tapes has truly defined what lo-fi bedroom pop is. They certainly have a knack for finding it.

Recent Release to Check Out: Johnny Utah (s/t)

Deadplant Records

Here we have a tight knit group of homies doing some rad things. The Michigan-based label works with artists from all over the world to put together meaningful cassette tape releases. In addition to artists’ records, DPR has put out non-profit oriented compilations that are worth listening to. A part of the label’s recognition comes from the unique doodle-inspired art from @stolenchapstick that has seen cameos on Deadplant releases and releases from unaffiliated artists. They have even collaborated with some of the labels mentioned earlier (Z Tapes, Citrus City).

Recent Release to Check Out: Warm Songs for Cold Weather by Various Artists

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