By January 30, 2017ARTIST SPOTLIGHT

There are occasions when an artist or band comes along and they are a refreshing change from what you have been hearing lately, the band The Brother Brothers is one of those bands. The Americana singer-songwriter duo consists of brothers Adam and David Moss who are grew up in Illinois, but now both reside in Brooklyn. Both have done projects separately, but began the band in March of last year. The Brother Brothers just released their first EP entitled “Tugboats”, which consists of six, moving tracks. The EP is filled with incredible harmonies, honesty, a sense of genuineness and rawness that you don’t often come across. Each track reaches you down to the heart and the production of the record makes you feel like you are watching them live. The use of an acoustic guitar, a violin and tight harmonies can be a quite powerful combination.

Check out their video for their song “Tugboats” below!

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