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I spoke with the members of The Lone Pines, Josh Chamberlain, Tony Lupinacci and Rick Lagnese about their music, starting in Pittsburgh and more, Check it out below!

SB:     How did you guys come together and what kind of sound do you aim to create?

JC: Well Rick and I were in a band before The Lone Pines, so that’s how I knew him. I met tony last year in college, and started playing music with him. The Lone Pines officially formed under the name, The Running Men after we won a Pitt Battle of the Bands in the spring of 2016

RL:  Our style and sound was created instantly the first time Josh and I jammed.  We made our first song that night at my parents house.  And although we’ve tried some different sounds that folk feeling has always been at the roots of our playing.

SB:     What kind of music were you exposed to growing up? Do they influence you during the music creating process now?

JC: I listened to a lot of Red Hot Chili Peppers and 90’s alt-rock, actually. And my dad always listened to country music on the radio too, so I heard a lot of that. I think a good melodic portion of what we do is still loosely based on that 90’s alt-rock sound.

RL: I was always into the blues and jazz.  Growing up I loved hearing BB King.  Later on, my brothers introduced me to a lot of the classics like the Beatles to Stevie Wonder.  This doesn’t tend to be the most prominent sound, but it definitely influences things like song structure.

SB:     I know you are Pittsburgh-based; how do you view the music scene here?

JC: Love it. There’s never a shortage of shows coming through, and there are so many great local musicians.

TL: Having just recently moved here, I am continually surprised at the wealth and depth of the Steel City music scene. It’s been very exciting. The local music scene is definitely very under-rated.

SB:  What is the most important element that you make sure is in your music when developing a new


TL: Personally, as the percussionist, I like to think that our catchy and unique rhythms are part of what makes us unique. That and the dynamic flow of our songs, we rarely play the same song twice at the same speed or even the same style. We also do a lot within our songs individually.

RL: As Tony said the rhythm and drum sound really drives a song.  Although our songs tend to start with a melody I think one of the most important parts is the drums.

SB:   What do you want people to connect with when they hear you songs?

TL: Josh is really the lyricist, but I like how he leaves the words somewhat up to interpretation. To him they always stand for something very specific, but he writes them in a way that others can relate to. So, we want people to really connect themselves with their own emotions more than anything else.

SB:     What is your favorite way to listen to music?

TL: I have music playing pretty much always when i’m not actively socializing or listening to something else. I am also a sucker for some shower tunes. Josh used to play music live for me while I showered last year when we lived together. I’ve been hooked ever since.

SB: What’s one song you wish you had written and why?

TL: Pretty much anything by schoolhouse Rock

RL: Imagine

SB: .     If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be and why?

TL: Bill Nye? ha-ha

RL: Jack White because he probably has a great writing process.

SB: Thanks for sitting down with me guys!
To check out more about the Lone Pines, check out them on their links!

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