We recently hit up The Weeks’s show that was at Club Café and they made one great impression. There are always bands that can surprise you when you see them live compared to hearing whatever album single they release online or on the radio. The Weeks are definitely one of those bands that brought a level of energy and dynamic presence that energized everyone in the crowd. Their opener, The Lonely Biscuits had set the tone for the passionate, rock night we had ahead for ourselves. They were charismatic and humorous, when speaking in-between song sets and were a real pleasure to listen to as they played both new and old material from their discography. After a short intermission, The Weeks graced the stage and after the first song alone, elevated the environment. The stage at Club Café managed to hold the six of them, but could barely contain their passionate, fast paced performance. The band played a great set including several tracks from their new album Easy, which came out earlier this month. The band’s on stage interactions during each song and the visual chemistry they have when playing together made it only more enjoyable to watch. From the explosive vocal abilities of lead singer Cyle Barnes to the skillful playing of all the band members to the heart you can hear in each song, made this one show to be remembered.

If you haven’t heard their music yet, check out one of the singles from Easy called “Talk Like That” below.


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