Tour Photo Diary: Slow Caves

By April 23, 2018OTHER FEATURES

March 6th

It’s the first day of tour. We got out to a bit of late start today. Jackson spent the previous night building new bunks in our van so now we can all sleep comfortably while traveling. It’s pretty awesome! We’re about 4 hours into the 8 hour drive to Omaha, where we will be spending the night. We’re all getting pretty hungry, we pull off at the nearest gas station which also happens to be a Taco Bell. We run out of the van to trying to contain our excitement for Doritos Locos Tacos. To our dismay, the Taco Bell is permanently closed. We take a photo with this sign, I feel it signifies our feelings in the moment pretty well, the nearest Taco Bell is 115 miles away. Hours later we arrive at our destination in Omaha. There happens to be a Taco Bell a block away. At 1 AM and after some confusion with the lobby/drive-in we finally receive our orders. $1 Nacho cheese has never tasted better. All is right in the world.

March 7th

Another long drive from Omaha to Chicago. Almost 8 hours. Ended up needing an oil change mid way through so that added even more time. Drove into Chicago around 6pm. What a beautiful city. Here’s Jakob flipping off the Trump building because, well you know. Chicago, your deep dish pizza is really, really, really good.

March 8th

Slept in today. Stopped by our favorite music store, the Chicago Music Exchange, before heading to Davenport. Man that place is amazing. Any guitar you can imagine, they have it. Drove about 3 hours to Davenport. The Raccoon Motel is a fantastic venue with an excellent selection of whiskeys. My favorite part of the show was when the MC Big Mike introduced the bands. This guy is like 6’6″ and walks up on stage and just yells all the information with no mic. It’s incredible. Overall really great night. The venue takes polaroids of every band that plays their venue.

March 9th

Drove into Des Moines today. We stopped at the movie theater and saw a horror movie for some reason. The Strangers. It was horrible, do not go see it. This was a super fun night. Ended up hanging out at the venue for a long time and doing some photo shoots. Here’s a cool pic from Alyssa Leicht.

March 10th

Pretty easy drive to Kansas City today. Got to the venue and it ended up being a tiki bar. It was pretty awesome, sadly they did not serve pineapple drinks here. 🙁 We got some pretty amazing BBQ though. Literally they wrapped up a 1/2 pound of meat with 4 pieces of bread and covered it in sauce. It was awesome! Also, since we have movie pass we saw another movie at this really cool 3 story movie theater. Tickets were only like 4 bucks at this place, What even is the midwest?

March 11th-March 12th

Oklahoma was weird. We had some amazing Pho at a place down the road from where we played. You can smoke cigarettes in all the bars in Oklahoma which was an unpleasant surprise. We also stayed in a hotel that I think was a crack house. Bugs crawling around, stains all over the sheets, condom and food wrappers everywhere. We did not stay for a second night haha. We did go to another movie theater which was beautifully decorated with neon lights and subway tiles. Here’s a pic of Jakob playing at the arcade in the theater.

March 13th

Our first day down at SXSW. Me and Jakob got our nails painted by a really cool custom nail painter. We saw Hovvdy, Anna Burch and a bunch of other sick bands then drove back to the Residual Kid ranch where we were staying and got some much needed rest and cuddles with the dogs.

March 14th

Played two shows today and saw some incredible music. Ate the best BBQ I’ve ever had at Iron Works and we ran into Young the Giant at the restaurant. Had a super awkward conversation with them but it was cool. Then me and Jakob snuck into the Twix party and saw Tennis, Wye Oak and proceeded to eat way too many twix bars. They didn’t have any peanut butter ones though, so they can step it up for next year. Here’s a pic of us in 70s grab at the party.

March 15th

Just one show today at the Frenchie Smith Records party. This show was at Guero’s and they seriously have the best tacos I’ve ever eaten in my life. We also saw Broncho, White Reaper, Bully, Post Animal, and a ton of other bands. Oliver, Krist and I got these sick Harley Davidson airbrush tattoos. So SICK!

March 16th

No shows today but we went into the studio and finished mastering our new record. Can not wait to put these songs out in the world! Pretty chill day overall, I think we ended up walking like 10 miles to see shows but it was totally worth it. We went to the Australia Showcase and ate like 200 Tim Tams. Saw some really cool shows like Albert Hammond Jr., Shakey Graves, Public Access TV and Hatchie.

March 17th

Last day in Austin and it was super chill. Hung out at the artist lounge and ate tacos and drank like 10 Topo Chicos. Jakob and saw a crazy metal show and Hinds. Our official showcase was outside at Swan Dive and it was probably my favorite SXSW show we’ve ever played. We hung out until about 1 am then hit the road and drove the 15 hours back to Fort Collins over the course of the night. The drive was super foggy and rainy and at one point, around 4 am, we came across two shirtless guys standing in the middle of the road, staring into nothing. It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen. Made it home at about 4pm the next day. Great tour!

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