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Basement Revolver is about to drop their debut LP entitled Heavy Eyes in t-minus four days and if their released singles have conveyed anything, it’s that the Canadian trio understands how to wear their hearts on their sleeves and make music that hits home. Bandmates Chrisy Hurn (Lead Singer and Songwriter), Brandon Munro (Drums) and Nimal Agalawatte (Bass/Synth) paint a story that’s filled with bittersweet moments, nostalgia, self-actualization, companionship and everything in between. The music doesn’t shy away from past emotional trials or times that are preferred to go unmentioned but pushes onward like a ship on a cloudy, dark day. Hurn’s heartfelt, yearning voice bounces along through each track with the hazy, dream-pop production and holds a familiar tiredness that everyone has encountered at one time or another. The intimacy woven into the record is palpable and impossible to miss, there is a moment for everyone to relate to and connect with.

This singles slow you down in the best way and provide a place for some real retrospection. This refreshing record is one that will act as a cathartic release for whoever lends an ear and produce a sincere ethereal escape. Read through Hurn’s break down of each track from the album and what type of space she’s transported to when she hears or performs the songs.

1. “Baby”

Baby makes me think about a trip that I  did with my family to Las Vegas. When I sing it, I picture my family, and my nephew sporting my Brixton toque on a very (surprisingly) cold hike of Angel’s Landing at Zion National Park in Utah.

2. “Johnny” 

Johnny just makes me think of my old, old apartment and the ugly orange and white curtains that were in my bedroom at the time. I never liked those curtains, but they were on sale, so I tolerated them. They did catch on fire from a lamp that was beside the window, don’t worry, the curtains lived on.

3. “Dancing”

Every time I sing Dancing, I picture myself driving through the countryside towards a lake in the middle of a forest with my boyfriend. I picture trees zooming past me, a cool but humid evening, mosquitos, the sun going down and the car lights shooting out beams of light.

4. “Friends”

Friends makes me think about a very anxious trip to the pharmacy with my old roommate Laura and her husband Matt. I was leaving my apartment in a panic when they were coming home from a night out, and they offered to walk me to the pharmacy. I picture a cold night, Cannon Street in Hamilton – a one way street with bike lanes – and the fluorescent lights of our local Shoppers Drug Mart.

5. “Knocking”

I quite literally picture most of the lyrics in this song, but especially the second verse. It plays through my head kind of like this Anais Mitchell video for ‘Coming Down’:

6. “Johnny Pt. 2”

I picture the car ride to Toronto from Newmarket the day after Christmas with my family, where I drove ‘Johnny’ to a band practice, and we said goodbye. I picture the graffiti in the alleyway behind his friend’s downtown apartment. I picture a very sad New Years – and I picture a January house show where ‘Johnny’ heard the song for the first time. I picture the old, dark and mostly empty street that I used to live on with the occasional midnight transport truck going by.

7. “Words” 

Words, without fail, makes me picture the old couch where I wrote the song, a beautiful but incredibly itchy wool couch in the basement apartment where Basement Revolver got its name.

8. “Wait”

I picture myself driving a car into the ocean on an east coast beach – definitely a gloomy day, and there are plenty of deep purple jellyfish scattered along the shoreline.

9. “Tree Trunks”

I picture my old sketchbook/poetry book. I picture heavy weight paper, red and blue watercolour ink, and a cut out picture of a young boy crying. I picture the old art studio that I used to work in, and my friend Mere who shared the space with me (still making V good comics – @meredithplayground).

10. “You’re Okay”

This is very sad, maybe – but I picture every time I have looked in the mirror and cried about my appearance. I guess I wrote the song to convince myself that I’m okay, so that makes sense!

11. “Heavy Eyes”

I picture every time I have slept through my alarm and been late for an early morning coffee shop job.

12. “Diamonds”

I picture my friend stumbling through the countryside in the middle of the winter, at night, and very drunk. I also picture myself leaning against the brick wall of my old dorm room, also in the middle of the night, just crying a lot – hahaha my early 20’s were a very emotional time.


Follow Basement Revolver here and While you wait for the full Heavy Eyes release officially out 8/24 via Sonic Unyon Records, take a listen to the fourth single and the title track “Heavy Eyes” below.

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