Austin Crane or known by the moniker Valley Maker makes great music that sweeps you away. Valley Maker is singer-songwriter from Seattle, who crafts narrative, thoughtful stories with each track. His debut record entitled “When I Was a Child” was released in 2015 and is a well-crafted, introspective, dynamic album. The record contains twelve cohesive tracks each possessing some great guitar progressions and swirling instrumentals. His melodic, haunting voice reaches you and makes you focus on listening to every verse. Valley Maker’s album has a kind of straightforward simplicity and he doesn’t add layers of unnecessary elements per song. It’s dynamic and interesting, but his song writing style is what really elevates him to another level. Each track holds a truthful message and can really resonate with you. “When I Was A Child” is a timeless record that everyone should take a moment to listen to.

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