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By January 23, 2018INTERVIEW

Vita and the Wolf
Photo Credit: Ebru Yildiz


Sounding Board: You released your debut record “Tunnels” back in June and been touring in support of the album from the time of the release, have there been specific shows that have really stood out to you up to now?

Jennifer: Columbia, SC at the New Brookland Tavern in January 2017. That was one of the out of town shows where we had the most people who actually heard about us and came out to see us. It’s an amazing when you start drawing crowds outside your home city.

Sounding Board: That must be such great feeling knowing your music is reaching people on a larger scale. When you play live, do you have certain tracks you look forward to playing over others, or does each hold a different type of excitement for you when you perform them?

Jennifer: It’s always a fun challenge to switch up the songs for the live show. We don’t play the songs specifically how they are on the record which keeps things fun when we’re on tour. I personally enjoy performing Sun Drop because I like to dance and get weird on stage.

Sounding Board: When I was listening to your music, it reminds me of of St. Vincent and Norwegian singer Sigrid, just to name a few artists, but how would you categorize your music and who are the artists you admire at the moment?

Jennifer: I admire St. Vincent so so much. I think she’s doing really cool things in music right now. Thank you for comparing me to her. I would categorize my music as art synth pop, however that label changes often.

Sounding Board: You’re originally from the Philadelphia area, which has a pretty diverse music scene, how was it for you developing as an artist there?

Jennifer: Philadelphia is great a city to start out as an artist. It’s not a huge scene so that makes it possible to get yourself heard. Also, people really support each other and help one another out with gigs while off tour and what not. It’s great.

Sounding Board:  Do you have a favorite venue that you prefer to play at in the city?

Jennifer: Johnny Brenda’s

Sounding Board: Yeah, I think that’s for sure one of my favorite places to go see shows at. With the next music you plan to release, do you think it will be an elaboration from “Tunnels” or will it go in a new type of direction?

Jennifer: Every year my music changes quite a bit so I definitely think the next record will be a different, newer sound.

Sounding Board: Is there any artist you’d think you would want do a collaboration with, if you included one on the next record?

Jennifer: Michael Angelakos of Passion Pit. I think he’s a brilliant pop song writer and artist.

Sounding Board: He really does know how to write a solid track that will resonate with you. What do you hope people experience when they listen to your music, whether live or otherwise?

Jennifer: I hope it gives them chills.

Sounding Board: And do you have any big things planned for 2018?

Jennifer: We have a tour with Yoke Lore coming up at the end of January. We will be playing Chicago, Toronto, NYC, Cleveland, DC, Boston, Philadelphia at Johnny Brenda’s January 30th. In February i’ll be finishing up the new record, and March we’re hitting the road for SXSW.


Upcoming Tour Dates:

1/23- Chicago- Lincoln Hall + Schubas*
1/26- Cleveland- The Beachland Ballroom*
1/27- Toronto- The Garrison*
1/29- DC- Songbyrd*
1/30- Philadelphia- Johnny Brenda’s*
1/31- Allston-Great Scott*
3/10- Nashville-The Basement
w/ Yoke Lore*

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