Watch This // “Beacon” By Harrison Lipton

 Photo Credit: Harrison Lipton

New York-based singer-songwriter Harrison Lipton debuted his first album entitled Loveliness back in May via Yellow K Records but premiered his video for “Beacon” earlier this month.

“Beacon” has a sincere ethereal feeling, if there was ever a song to possess one and is all about the quest for self-discovery concerning sexuality and masculinity. The cascading, rolling vocals from Lipton elevate the whole track and soak into your mind. The simple, but dreamy production paints a vibrant landscape that is reflected in the video.

Lipton acts as the main character and wanders off on his own in a gloomy, forest landscape to find what he is all about. To decipher the confusion that radiates in his mind and decides what components truly make himself who he is. The video acts a place to resolve conflicting concepts and find out which direction his internal compass is headed.

He says “Beacon” examines the space between confusion and conviction––the character doesn’t know exactly where he’s going, or what he’s looking for specifically, but the allure of the beacon draws him in and he’s willing to go through hell to find it.” 

Although in this perspective that Lipton is intertwining about sexuality into both song and video, he expresses the broad, resonating impact the song holds by saying  “At the heart of “Beacon,” is the need to explore, to evolve, and to try to capture a wordless, fleeting feeling. To me, it’s a feeling of happiness and acceptance, but it can be anything personal that you make of it.” 

Watch “Beacon” below and follow Harrison Lipton here 


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